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As retail ecommerce continues to capture a larger share of total retail, cross-brand ecommerce platforms are demanding more. More insights, more organizational efficiency, and more speed to pull ahead of the competition. Tune in to CommerceIQ's Conversations in Retail Ecommerce Management series to hear a Q&A session with an expert and learn what you can do to meet the changing needs of the industry. 

This recurring series dives into new facets of retail ecommerce regularly. Be sure to check back after the next session to see what new topics will be discussed!

Tune in to hear from CommerceIQ's Mike Buckland about the many day-to-day challenges, strategies, and tactics that brands must contend with today and how brands can reach their goals.

Mike B

Mike Buckland

CommerceIQ | Account Director and Brand Problem Solver

Mike Buckland is a powerhouse Account Director at CommerceIQ who, in his daily conversations with brands, has developed a firm grasp of the many struggles and solutions that ecommerce organizations face in today's unique macroeconomic environment.

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