E-commerce has been on a steady rise since the birth of Amazon and eBay in the mid-1990s, and this trend is now accelerating thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Today, the old world of brick-and-mortar sales managed by relationships between consumer brands and retailers is rapidly giving way to e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Walmart and Instacart that are controlled by machines and algorithms.

In order to succeed in this new world, leading consumer brands are embracing a new approach called E-commerce Channel Optimization that combines data analytics, machine learning, and automation to tune their e-commerce operations in real time and win at the moment of purchase.

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  • Challenges in keeping up with the algorithmic world of e-commerce
  • What it means to operate across the e-commerce flywheel, with connected sales, marketing and supply chain operations
  • Best practices of high-performing brands
  • The story of one brand that was able to increase share of voice by 35% and reduce out of stock by 32%

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