[Ebook] Ecommerce and Coronavirus: Best Practices of High-Performing Brands

LanderImage_EbookEcommCoronavirus-1The 2020 coronavirus pandemic created a fundamental shift in consumer buying behavior that has resulted in a dramatic increase of ecommerce sales that industry experts are predicting will be permanent. In order to succeed, leading consumer brands are embracing a new approach called Ecommerce Revenue Automation (ERA) that combines data analytics, machine learning, and automation to tune ecommerce algorithms and win at the moment of purchase.

In this paper, we'll cover:

  • Best practices of high-performing brands
  • How to drive demand with real-time search and sales data
  • The importance of an inventory-aware advertising strategy
  • How to eliminate lost revenue from out of stock products
  • Recovery of promotion and advertising spend previously wasted on low inventory items

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