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ESM Pro Launch

Brands are struggling with driving profitability while adapting to retailers and consumer shifts, forecasting, and growing market share. Brands’ needs have evolved from disparate systems not talking to each other to a single unified solution that measures and grows your market share, sales, digital shelves and overall profitability.

To address these issues, we’re excited to launch ESM Pro, an all-in-one solution for brands to manage their Amazon business by integrating Market Share, Forecasting, Customizable Reporting, Supply Chain, and Content Automations.

The result is a single source of truth that helps brands:

  • Report on your performance across sales, operations and media metrics
  • Manage your profitability at a SKU level
  • Measure and grow your market share
  • Automate the resolution of detail page issues
  • Automate quality content at scale
  • Automate PO error resolution
  • Reduce manual forecasting and S&OP efforts
  • Monitor the competitive and category landscape

Watch now to find out why you should level-up your tech stack to ESM Pro.

Gopal S

Gopal Shah

Head of Product Marketing | CommerceIQ

Before joining CommerceIQ, Gopal was our first customer. He’s an ecommerce industry veteran who spent more than a decade practicing ecommerce. His roles across sales, brand, and Amazon channel management uniquely position him to advise customers on how to win and shape the future of CommerceIQ’s capabilities.

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