Going From Manual Silos to an Ecommerce Growth Engine

Consumer goods companies perform best at ecommerce when teams work in sync with one another, all operating from a single source of truth. But for large enterprises, this is easier said than done, due to the natural tendency to split into organizational silos.

Read this case study of a Fortune 1000 company boasting 100+ leading brands with a combined 10,000+ ASINs on Amazon across four segments: Health & Personal Care, Hardware & Home Improvement, Home & Garden, and Global Pet Supplies.


  • Manual tools meant teams were always reactive and unable to prioritize important tasks
  • Advertising was not being spent on areas with potential for incremental sales


  • CIQ Unified (Sales + Advertising) plus Managed Services


  • 14% Increase in Revenue YOY
  • 17% Decrease in Replenishable Out of Stock (RepOOS)
  • 18% Increase in Net Pure Profit Margin (PPM)


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Download the Case Study