How to increase profit margin the easiest way possible

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Making the sale isn’t enough to keep the money you earn in your pocket. Most often, brands aren’t retaining the full profit they earn and risk leaking large sums of money that could otherwise be easily recovered.

The completely unavoidable culprit? Undisputed shortages and chargebacks, which typically eat 1-5% of a brand’s Gross Sales on Amazon.

The retail ecommerce ebook “Boosting Profit by Recovering Revenue at Amazon” covers exactly what you need to know about patching the holes in your revenue loss.

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What are Amazon chargebacks and shortage claims?

A shortage happens when the units you believe shipped vary from what Amazon believes it receives, also known as a Purchase Quantity Variance (PQV) Shortage Claim. Amazon shortages are caused by a number of factors, such as: catalog setup, advanced shipment notification (ASN), invoicing, labeling, vendor lead time, delivery compliance, inbound receive, loss prevention, and more.

Chargebacks are fines or fees meant to help brands get better at their supply chain. There are roughly 40 different types of Amazon chargebacks, and these can often overlap with shortages for double damage. Some common causes are PO related, ASIN related, prep related, delivery, packaging and direct fulfillment. An additional challenge with chargebacks is that they must be disputed within 30 days. 

The impact of unresolved Amazon chargebacks and shortage deductions

Amazon does not investigate these issues to determine who is at fault and will bill the vendor by default. There’s no visibility to audit Amazon’s process, and many times brands receive these fees and fines erroneously. 

Combating these sources of leaky revenue means expensive full-time-employee hours spent on what is intern-level work, not only risking human error, but manual resolution is nearly impossible to keep up with. 

But, these profitability pitfalls don’t need to exist! Get your copy of the eBook now to learn how to efficiently recover your revenue.

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