How to manage and recover Amazon chargebacks and shortages

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Retailer deductions and fees such as Walmart OTIFs or Amazon chargebacks and shortages can chip away at your bottom line and hurt your overall revenue. In fact, Amazon shortages can cost up to 5% of a brand's total shipped COGS.

There’s various methods companies can take to manage and recover Amazon deductions and other retailer fees: 
  • Do nothing
  • Rely on each retailer’s AI-powered resolution 
  • Manual human-powered recovery via internal teams or outsourced agencies and vendors
  • Intelligent automation via a Retail Ecommerce Management platform


However, each approach can impact the level of effort your team must commit, how much you recover, and how quickly.

This brief explainer guide will walk you through the various methods, and showcase the quantified  impact real-life brands have had using each approach.


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  • The benefits of disputing Amazon shortages continuously versus monthly or quarterly
  • Why disputing once isn’t always effective, and how much more you can gain using a phased approach
  • Which method results in 3x higher recovery 9x faster than human-powered dispute resolution

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