Drive incremental sales with improved efficiency and effectiveness on Instacart

CommerceIQ is announcing a partnership with Instacart, the leading online grocery delivery platform in North America. CIQ Advertising for Instacart is the latest release that maximizes discoverability, profitability, and market share on this $1.5 billion channel. This enables brands to obtain real-time visibility across all their campaigns on Instacart and leverage CommerceIQ’s AI capabilities to apply automations in bulk to optimize featured product ads on Instacart, driving value and immediate results for brands running extensive campaigns on the channel.

Going beyond the native Instacart API, CIQ Advertising for Instacart drives incremental sales with improved efficiency and effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

Key Benefits

  • Gain visibility on top performances across campaigns, keywords of SKUs without manually drilling down into each campaign
  • Track advertising performance across different purchase journeys such as search, browse and impulse buy
  • Add rules based on any performance metric, purchase journey or keyword type and take bulk actions with a single click
  • Identify highly incremental searches where there are opportunities to drive spend for maximum ROI and automate the actions in bulk


See how Pilgrim's Pride have already seen incremental ad sales and ROAS improve by 53% while reducing cost per click by 67%

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