Eliminating and Deterring 3P variants

When a Personal Care CPG Company, one of the world's largest manufacturer of healthcare products and pharmaceuticals, decided to expand its e-commerce operations, it was forced to confront the problem of 3P sellers. With more than 300 ASINs on Amazon, the personal care CPG company was a prime target for 3P sellers. Common tactics used against it included the adding of 3P variants to the company's product detail page (PDP) and the creation of 3P duplicate listings that competed with the company's 1P listings on the search results page.

To support its new e-commerce growth strategy, the Personal Care CPG company selected CommerceIQ to provide a solution the scale e-commerce operations without having to dramatically increase the headcount or spending. This included automation aimed at eliminating and deterring 3P variants.


  • Failure to capture interdependencies across functions
  • Limited visibility into day-to-day operations
  • Always being reactive rather than proactive


  • Central dashboard for sales and operations
  • Daily Prioritized recommendations
  • Automated root cause analyses
  • Automated response


  • 99.9% elimination of 3P variants
  • 32% Reduction in replenishable out of stock
  • 50% Reduction in time taken to diagnose and resolve issues


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