Going From Manual Processes to Automation

E-commerce has seen remarkable growth in recent years, going from 10.7% of all U.S. retail sales in 2015 to 21.3% in 2020. Many consumer goods companies find themselves in a stage position where e-commerce is both their main growth engine and a major source of revenue leakage.

Read this case study of how one of America's leading pet supplies companies set on a journey to optimize its e-commerce operations. In a short span, the company ended up preventing $1.17 million in revenue leakage, or an 87% reduction in lost revenue due to OOS errors.


  • A massive effort to breakdown silos and consolidate data to get visibility across different business units
  • Significant Out-of-stock (OOS) issues resulting in lost revenue
  • No visibility into Share of Voice (SOV) and poor ROAS.

The Solution

  • CIQ Unified (Sales + Advertising) plus Managed Services

4-Month Results

  • 34% Increase in non-branded paid sales
  • 50% improvement in ACOS
  • 87% reduction in lost revenue due to OOS errors


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