Generating And Maintaining Momentum In Share Of Voice

The COVID-19 pandemic created a surge in demand for vitamins and supplements as consumers prioritized their health, with estimates of 12% to 22% growth in sales in 2020. The Nutrition Business Journal predicts that e-commerce sales would grow from 10% of the vitamins and supplements market in 2019 to 20% by 2023. For vitamins and supplements manufacturers, more demand has naturally led to more sales. But it has also led to increasing competition for advertising space, as one of the market leaders recently discovered.

Read this case study of how this Vitamin and Dietary Supplement company took advantage of seasonal demand for health and wellness products to take its business to another level and winning market share through appearing at the top of the search.


  • Improving Top 3 Share of Voice in Q1
  • Maintaining momentum through organic SOV
  • Increasing the efficiency of advertising spend


  • CIQ Unified (Sales + Advertising) plus Managed Services


  • 0.78% Improvement in total Top 3 SOV on generic vitamin KWs with 2% less spend
  • 6.93% improvement in return on ad spend
  • 12.27% Decrease in cost per click


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Download the Case Study