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The Uncertain Recession: Q3 2022 Industry Trends


Amid high inflation, rising rates, supply chain struggles, divergent retailer results, and consumer uncertainty, the latter half of 2022 is sending confusing signals on the health of the economy and where brands should invest in retail ecommerce to succeed in the future.

In this on-demand webinar we unpack the state of the economy and retail ecommerce in Q3 2022 so you can learn how to best position your brand to succeed across retailers reporting different levels of growth and profitability.

Watch to Learn:

  • The current and potential effect of a recession on consumer spending and future retail investment
  • Short-term and long-term growth prospects for retail ecommerce and retail media
  • What divergent results from major retailers recently reported Q2 results mean and how brands can implementing a successful retail ecommerce management (REM) strategy to grow with them
  • The ever-evolving state of the supply chain and what to expect by the end of the year
  • How brands can position themselves to succeed for the rest of the year


tim campbell
Tim Campbell
Head of Industry Insights
ryan profile pic
Ryan Abernathy
Ex-eComm, Ferrara; PepsiCo
CS, CommerceIQ

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