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Boost your Amazon 1P Profit by 1%

or More with 3 Simple Steps


Shortage and chargeback errors are preventable sources of revenue loss. Yet most first-party (1P) brands on Amazon are losing between 1-5% of their total shipped COGS to these stubborn and time-consuming problems.

That 1-5% hit directly reduces your gross margin profitability and EBITDA. It also erodes your top-line growth and market share. However, brands are only entitled to recover revenue lost to these errors if they can review, dispute, and follow up on them all. What would be the impact on your bottom line (and bonus) if you could do this without manually reviewing and disputing all your PO line items?

Join us to Learn:

  • How you can easily recover lost profit and growth
  • What causes receivables disputes and how do they affect your P&L
  • Why Amazon Smart Match and other manual approaches miss most of the problem
  • Tips to dramatically improve recoveries and save time with intelligent automation


Chris Bauserman
Chris Bauserman
Shawn Oleson
Shawn Oleson
Shortages & Chargebacks Expert

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